Can I get 4uVPN for free?

Yes. Visit http://4uvpn.com/?page_id=363 to get the free trial.

How to select the best server to connect?

The network situations in regions are different. You can select a server according to the sites and games you want to sign in. And you can choose servers according to the

How to apply for a refund?

4UVPN support for a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you do not satisfied with our service, you can contact our customer service team email (support@4uvpn.com) to apply for a refund within 7 days after purchase.

What does the number of devices mean?

The number of devices refers to the total number of devices which can be used simultaneously. You can install 4UVPN client on multiple devices. If you have purchased a plan, you can use 4UVPN on 3 devices at the same time.

What devices and platforms does 4UVPN support?

Currently, 4UVPN supports for macOS, Android, iOS.

What can I do if I forgot the password?

Please send to email (support@4uvpn.com), our customer service team will help you reset the password.

Can I share my account with others?

For the security of your account, non-customized accounts are limited to personal use. Please do not share your account with others. The loss caused by sharing to others will be borne by you.

What payment methods does 4UVPN accept?

Currently, we accept wechatpay,alipay, PayPal, credit card

How to customize a plan?

If you want to customize a plan, please contact our customer support (Email: lilyfangsg@gmail.com).

I have tried to connect to serveral servers on Samsung mobile phone, but the speed is 0 bytes, what can I do?

Please follow the steps below to solve it:
Steps: Click “Settings” – “App Management” – “4UVPN” – “Enable random use of mobile data”, then restart 4UVPN.

The server is connected, but I cannot open Google, Youtube, why?

It may be caused by several factors, you can solve it by the following methods:
1 4uVPN may be blocked by anti-virus software. If you have installed anti-virus software, please close it or add 4UVPN to its white list to have a try.
2 Please close other proxy software or browser plugin. Since the system only allows one proxy to run, if you have turned on other proxy software or browser plugin, it will affect 4UVPN.

Why can’t I change my IP address when I connect the server?

Please reconnect a server to have a try.

I cannot find 4uVPN from the APP store in China, why?

4UVPN has been removed from APP Store in China, please sign in the US APP store to download.

When I tried to install 4uVPN on my Macbook, it always showing “it’s from an unidentified developer”, what can I do?

It might because of the security restrictions of macOS system, you should manually allow it to be opened in Security and Privacy panel of System Preferences, then 4UVPN will run normally:
1 Steps: System Preferences => Privacy & Security => General => Allow applications downloaded from: “Anywhere”
2 If you cannot find “Anywhere” in System Preferences, please following the following steps: open Terminal, and execute “sudo spctl —master-disable”, then: System Preferences => Privacy & Security => General => App store and identified developers

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